Brittany Smith<br>Senior High School<br>2016 DAYLC Top Youth Leader

Brittany Smith
Senior High School
2016 DAYLC Top Youth Leader

“My experiences with DAYLC will stick with me for the rest of my life. Beyond leadership skills, I gained amazing friends and learned from experienced mentors through whom I learned more about myself as a person and leader. I am honored to represent my phenomenal peers at the national level and cannot wait to see where my adventure with DAYLC leads me.”

Layne Collins<br>Cuba City High School<br>2014 DAYLC Top Youth Leader

Layne Collins
Cuba City High School
2014 DAYLC Top Youth Leader

“Because of the training and experiences at DAYLC, I was named as one of the top (ten) student leaders in the nation, an honor I will always be proud of. I owe many thanks to DAYLC for preparing me and helping me grow as a person and a leader.”

Jack Hostager<br>Hempstead High School<br>2014 DAYLC Top Youth Leader

Jack Hostager
Hempstead High School
2014 DAYLC Top Youth Leader

“Thank you again so much for enabling me to have such an amazing experience. I feel lucky to live in a community that makes such a substantial investment into nurturing the leadership potential of its young people.”

Quinn Meyer<br>Wahlert High School<br>2012 DAYLC Top Youth Leader

Quinn Meyer
Wahlert High School
2012 DAYLC Top Youth Leader

“I learned so many things about becoming a leader and trying to change the world for the better. I hope to return to the Dubuque community after college bringing my leadership skills with me and making a positive difference here!”