Dubuque Area Youth Leadership Council’s vision to make tomorrow’s world better by developing leaders today. We believe the investments of time, energy, and resources in our local youth will pay enormous dividends in the future. Since 1990, we annually recognize the top 100 youth leaders in the Dubuque area for their leadership qualities. 

What we do

DAYLC, a non-profit organization, focuses on developing youth leaders by offering workshops hosted by the University of Dubuque and Clarke University. During these workshops, leaders are challenged to examine their character and values through problem solving activities in various settings. In addition, DAYLC hosts a panel discussion with local community leaders to engage in a conversation around successful leadership.

How to participate

To be considered for DAYLC, you must be a junior in high school and be nominated by your school liaison. Once you complete the application, the board will review your activities and you will receive a score. We choose 100 students to participate in the DAYLC program. Each youth leader is considered for a scholarship ranging from $100 to $1,000. 

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